What is a Dream?

Dreaming is an encounter with the dimension of Truth

As we go to sleep, we drift into the blackness, the Void, the web of energetic filaments that connects the multi-verses.  When we go to sleep, we abandon awareness of the body, the bed, the room.  We dissolve into the warm, familiar “home” of the universal web of darkness.   

This home is the dimension of Truth.

This home is non-linear, non-personal, non-rational and non-distinct.

This home is holy, whole, and beyond personal comprehension.

This home can be imaged as a giant gossamer galactic web that extends infinitely in every direction.

This home holds all possibility and connects every aspect of form, as well as every possibility that remains unmanifested.

This home is seen by turtle dreamers as the design on the turtle’s back

In this Great Nothingness, an energetic exchange occurs when we sleep, which is a direct experience of divine energy interfacing with and regenerating the individuated beingness of the dreamer.  It is a mystical experience.

The physical body regenerates when we sleep. The spiritual body also regenerates. And as we awaken, it becomes the job of the personal mind to create a bridge between divine unity and waking reality.   The mind writes a story to serve as that integral bridge.  The story, which is really a metaphor for the divine experience, is what we call the “dream.”

Dreaming is Paradoxical

In its truest sense, a dream occurs outside the comprehension of the individuated human:  In its literal sense, it is written by the individuated mind.

In its truest sense, a dream is entirely impersonal and is about Life and not about the personality of the dreamer:  In its literal sense, its a personal story.

It it’s truest sense, the dream is an encounter with other beings and other-worldly experiences:  In its literal sense, the dream is a story written by the dreamer about the dreamer.

Dreaming is a Spiritual Practice

Each day each being (human and non) is required to sleep.
Each day, every form of Life Force returns “home.”
Every being is welcomed into the Void with equal reverence.
Everyone dreams – we all practice the journey to unity.