What is a Dream Circle

A dream circle is an ancient prayer form that gives structure to the “work” of dreaming.  For purposes of this website, we create this ancient prayer form through the amazing new technologies we have at our disposal. We learn by sharing with each other on-line that around the planet our dreams are not separate, private events, but rather our dreams fit together like puzzle pieces.

Why Dream Circles Are Important

We lose memory of life’s mystery in the everyday world. In the mirrors held by dream circle members, we see the mystery.  In hearing each other’s dreams, and discovering our unseen interconnectedness, we reconnect with Great Mystery.

The “Language of the Circle.”

In the Beginning was the Word.  These words from St. John, tell us that nothing exists until there is sound—until it is articulated. Therefore, we share our dreams with each other, in order for the truth in them to live.  The “language of the dream” makes dream circle a unique experience for most participants. We speak to each other in the mystical, poetic, lyrical, imaginative language of dreams.

Dream circle is not a psychological support group.  It is not a time for dream analysis, dream interpretation, or dialog.  Instead, dream circle is a time of speaking dream language from an awakened heart, and hearing the dreams of others with awakened ears.  The question one asks while hearing a dream is:

“What did this dreamer experience in the Void —
the place of all potential, the source of Creation—
that inspired her to write this story?”

When you respond to a dream, the answer to that question is of utmost importance. Why did the dreamer use these symbols, these faces, these colors, these sounds, and this story to report on her experience in the Void? What is the Dream Weave trying to tell us about the deepest nature of Life through this story? What are the spiritual principles that want to be heard and expressed through this dream story?

Create A Circle in your Community

If you want to know more about creating an in-person dream circle in your town, refer to the chapter about dream circles in The Woman’s Book of Dreams: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice.