Lunar Dream Calendar

This beautiful calendar gives you the lunar aspects for every night of the year, so that you can know what was going on in the heavens while you slept.  Click on the infinity symbol and a page opens for you to post your dreams.  After  a few months of posting, you can begin to understand your dream patterns by using the search feature.  For example, after a few months, you can search “full moon” and all your full moon dreams will appear so that you can see their similarities.  Your dream diary is password protected, accessible only by you.  This tool is remarkable.

In addition to your monthly subscription, for a one-time-only fee of $25, we will post your invisible garment pattern on your calendar so that you will have your principles and colors available for reference as you post your dreams.

Lunar Calendar / Dream Journal

Lunar Calendar / Dream Journal Personalization

Please note that it’s imperative for you to subscribe to the monthly calendar in order for us to personalize.  Subscribe first, and then choose this option.

$25.00/One-time only payment