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Why turtle?  The indigenous people  of our continent call the North America “turtle island.”  The turtle has 13 divisions on her back.  The lunar year has 13 full moons.  And this website, created by dreamers on Turtle Island, is about learning to understand dreaming through the lens of the lunar influences.

This site is the result of a mystical experience Connie Kaplan had in which she was taught about dreaming while asleep – taught about dreaming in the dream.

We invite you to explore it, and especially to take advantage of the unique opportunities it offers to participate with other dreamers around the world!

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Lunar Dream Calendar moon and clouds

Online Dream Journal

This beautiful calendar gives you the lunar aspects for every night of the year. After a few months of posting, you begin to understand your dream patterns by using the search feature.


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Interview with Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik on Almost 30 podcast (Los Angeles)

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