About Connie Kaplan

Connie Kaplan is a spiritual mentor who lives in Southern California.  She holds an undergraduate degree in English, a masters in radio, television and film production, a second masters in psychology, and a doctorate of ministry.

Raised in Texas as a minister’s daughter, spirituality has been an important foundation for Kaplan’s life.  She spent her first twenty-five years actively involved in traditional religion.  In her mid-twenties, she began to explore other spiritual systems.  However, as a career choice she went into television production, spending fifteen years working as a script supervisor and an associate director.  In her early thirties, she had reached what one might call the American Dream.  She was married to a wonderful man–a television executive producer, she had a healthy, beautiful family, a great house in a great neighborhood, and an enviable career that offered her plenty of options for time off to be a mom.

In late 1986 she was suddenly struck with a mysterious virus which rendered her almost helpless for two years.  During this time, unable to work and incapable of handling normal life circumstances, she experienced a profound spiritual transformation which altered not only her inner experience of life, but her outer expression of life.  While she slept her life away, she dreamed herself awake.

Since the early nineties, when Kaplan was able to return to the “normal” world, she has devoted her life to sharing what she learned during this mystical awakening.  She teaches dreaming as a spiritual practice and a unique form of theology, which centers around an understanding of each person’s life purpose.  She counsels with modern day mystics.  She nurtures the birth of that same awakening in everyone she encounters.