Dream Circle Leadership


Dream Circle Leadership
Chapter One
Redefining Leadership

To be effective leaders in the 21st Century we must allow our hearts to become the dominant organ of our ethical, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

This booklet hopefully explores what it looks like to lead a heart-mind directed dream circle. Each chapter centers around the skills one needs to effectively lead a dream circle: listening with the heart, speaking with the language of the heart, surrendering our beliefs that we know how things should be, eliminating our blocks to our own divinity, and synthesizing our uniqueness with unity consciousness. These skills create a good circle leader, but they also actually shift your way of living in the world, because they transform you into a heart-minded being.

Over the last few years, many of my clients have asked me questions about what they should do in life, and I’ve firmly and consistently responded that this work is not about “doing” it’s about “being” – that doingness takes care of itself when beingness is in charge. And then I’ve watched most of them walk away, looking a little disappointed with an expression that seems to say, “It’s just not that simple.”

In the past when I’ve received requests from clients to teach a class on leading a dream circle, I’ve politely declined, saying, “It’s not something you can teach. You must learn it by doing it.” Ah – there’s that doing thing again, but this time I seem to be advocating the doing!

Now I’ve realized the important message underlying those paradoxical responses: the beingness of this work does indeed redefine one’s doingness. In the thirty-something years I have worked with the dream teachings and led dream circles, I have watched my way of operating in the world change almost entirely. And so now I’ve changed my tune. I’m ready to talk to some people about “doing”—but only from a point of view that emerges from a unified field of consciousness. In other words, let’s not discuss how to get a group of people together to help them find a common thread. Instead, let us start with the common thread and examine how it attracts people who are interested in knowing the power of our diversity within it.

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