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    Tamar Frankiel

    Moon in Cancer – dreamer has no planets in Cancer. 

    opp Saturn in Goodness in Leo

    tri Sun in Peace in Sagittarius.

    I see computer screens that are not providing good information – confusing or perhaps evil? Then I am driving north on a major street in Beverly Hills but it is strangely empty, as if cleared because of an emergency. Strings for some electronic network are hanging across the street, criss-crossing back and forth.  I feel uncomfortable with the empty street. Did I miss an announcement to avoid this area? I turn right onto what should be Third Street and see a completely different scenario. The whole street appears to have been blown up by explosions, extending quite a distance. Far away it looks as if a regular grid of streets exists, but in front of me are dirt, rocks, rubble, green areas torn up showing the clay earth underneath.  The cleared area is quite wide – enough for a freeway to be built here.  How can I get home?

    Then I am on a bike. I see a man standing on the right. I go and ask him how to get across. He shows me a place where I can climb up a makeshift ladder and down the other side of a gully, then get across. It is rough ground but my bike is light, so I can pull it over across the gully and eventually get to smoother ground. I also have a tan colored bag that I swing onto my back.  I am completely baffled by what is happening but it looks as if I can make my way north across this excavated area and find some regular streets.


    This dream reminds me of dreams we heard in our circle many years ago – dreams of the grid, dreams of the kinds of vehicles are best at traveling on the grid (dream weave.). We learned then that bicycles (duality working in unity) are easier and less cumbersome than cars (karma.)  In this dream it felt like the strings of the electronic network that were hanging ominously over the abandoned street were something like the “dark web”.  And it felt like the neighborhood that had been devastated was something like what has happened with FaceBook and some of the other social networking sites that have allowed “dark” information to blow up their working model.  But on the other side of the devastation, the grid still functions in the expected way.


    Cancer is the home of the moon, even though the dreamer has no placements in Cancer. So I wonder if this dream is about a change in the home landscape of dreaming, as we have known it, perhaps telling us that what has been home to dreaming is about to change and will look completely different than it used to. Perhaps the new international dreaming website is “blowing up” the old terrain? The area cleared is big enough for a freeway – a “free” way that connects the entire world? We can still get to where we are going, but the “how” will be a whole new way.


    This speaks to me of the unsettling nature of transition and the good that can come from it. Even though the explosions cause massive destruction, they also expose the clay underneath. To me, clay is the stuff from which we are made and to which we return when we die. It is earth, home, nourishment, the unavoidable facts of life.

    In the dream, devastation gives way to invention, to new ways of being and travelling, and these new ways of being and travelling bring with them new skills or empowerments: the bicycle and the backpack. Both are lightweight and versatile, useful pieces of equipment that can be carried into this new terrain. The backpack is tan coloured, a colour reminiscent of the earth again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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