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    Hi, I’m new here. Just read one of Connie’s books. I rarely remember my dreams, and the ones I do are often reoccurring. This one was new after putting in conscious effort to remember my dream. I don’t remember much, but I found it interesting so I wanted to share.

    sun- humility (cancer)

    moon- silence 

    My husband And I are on vacation in this beautiful tropical rainforest like area. We are strolling through a small village and see a hidden path that looks fun to explore. We get to this oasis, it’s so amazingly beautiful. There are waterfalls, lush greenery. You can hear the nature around you, it’s absolutely blissful. From there we keep walking, hand in hand, so excited about this mystical land we stumbled across. All of a sudden we see monks, lots of them. All wearing traditional monk bright orange. Each one is meditating, they seem to be placed randomly but each one was no more than 10 feet apart. They don’t acknowledge our presence. We just stop and stare and the sight- beautiful lands and the monks in their element. It was magical. From there the monks seemed to have symbols floating above them in little word/text bubbles. I can’t make out any of the symbols but it almost was if they were communicating telepathically and the word bubbles were to display their thoughts to us. 

    When end I think about it I feel like I can almost see the symbols but not quite 



    I wanted to add this but I’m not sure how to edit. Today is my Birthday and for someone who never remembers dreams, this dream was just such a gift, I can’t stop thinking about it. The beauty was magical.  The colors were just so vivid. 


    I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing day! 



    Oh Elizabeth, happy happy birthday.  You’re so right – this was a powerful gift of a dream.  It makes me happy just to read it, so I can imagine how it makes you feel to have experienced it.

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with the color work connected to the 30 spiritual principles, but this DREAM certainly is.  Orange is the color associated with the principle of Humility – your sun principle.  Orange is the sphere that influences humans toward wisdom and compassion.  Green is the color associated with your Moon principle, Silence.  Green influences humans toward balance and harmony.   It seems that the color frequencies in this dream experience were able to truly penetrate and “tune” your own physical and mental frequencies.  That’s why, even after awakening, you feel somehow changed or transformed by this experience.

    I suspect this will be a dream you’ll never fully forget, and the energy in the dream will always be available to you when you want to step into it.  Good job!  THAT was a dream to remember.



    Thank you, that really resonated with me and I actually do feel similar as to when I received my Reiki attunements.

    I said above I have only read one book, but I meant to say 2 – both the colors and TIG. I woke up after seeing all those beautiful colors and thought “Turtle dreamers! I have to share” – I will read the dreaming books next 🙂

    Interestingly, I’ve had one reoccurring dream throughout my life. If you have a moment I’d love to hear your thoughts because color also played an important role in it. I’ve had this dream on and off for about 20 years, its one of the only dreams I’ve remembered.  I’d consider it to be a “scary” dream.

    I am in a “smart house” (this dream i started having probably in the late 90’s before smart houses) running through these what I had always called “burnt orange” hallways. There is nothing on the walls. Just the hallways, the walls, floor and ceiling are all the same color. The house has these robotic arms that are trying to get me but I am running, going through different hallways and up and down stairs but I never get anywhere.

    I have always taken this as symbolism that I was maybe off my life path and to reevaluate, that perhaps I was running from my own fears or shadow side. But I had never taken the color of the hallway into consideration before. I’d love to hear if you have anything to add to my interpretation. I have 3 “oranges” in my garment. My sun (humility), Mercury (harmony), midheaven (goodness) and no red at all. And 3 Amber (humility, goodness and gratitude in Venus) Reading your colors book made me wonder if that dream was a “corrective” Sophia dream?

    Thank you for your insights Connie, your information has made a tremendous impact in my life and I am looking forward to learning more.



    Hi Elizabeth

    This recurring dream has two elements that I think are worth considering.  First the house – over the years we have come to look at house dreams as “architecture for the soul” dreams.  In other words, Life Force needs a place to “live” – to express itself.  Often we find ourselves exploring our own spirit house in the dream.  Second the color, especially because the walls are roughly the color of your sun and midheaven evolving into amber, I’d say these principles the make up your “smart house” are trying to grab your attention.

    When we have nightmare-like dreams, it’s really effective if we can train ourselves to “wake up” in the dream and turn around and ask the pursuer what it wants.  But for starters, you might try “redeeming while awake” this dream.  To do this you would just go into a meditative state and recall the dream in your imagination – the color of the walls – the robotic arms – etc.  However, instead of running, stop – look directly at the “smart walls” and ask them what they want.  

    Usually the fear disappears, you realize that your pursuer is you – not your “shadow side” but your most evolved self.  And what does it want?  It wants you to self actualize – usually.  

    I wouldn’t say that this dream is telling you that you are on the wrong path at all.  I think it’s just saying that you needn’t be afraid to BE your Sun and Midheaven principles!  But let’s see what those walls say when you stop and ask them.  




    Connie, wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond in such detail, I am so appreciative. The idea of the house being my higher self rather than a “shadow side” as you said definitely resonates with me. Especially since I haven’t had this dream in years and I am much more “self actualized” now. I am really looking forward to exploring this further in meditation though. 

    Thank you again for taking the time to respond! I am reading your Dreams are letters from the Soul book now as well and loving it. 🙂

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