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    Dream 5-8-2018

    Dreamers power dreaming day. Aquarius 17 degrees Attraction

    I enter a classroom that Tara Brach is teaching in. There are warm colors. People are sitting and holding shapes on their laps. On a shelf there are green backpacks with silver threads woven through. There are many sizes of Tibetan prayer flags, for sale. All the way to postage stamp size.eod.


    Well, whenever we have a “teacher” in our dream that usually means that we’ve gone to a space on the Dream Weave to receive a teaching.  It probably isn’t a teaching directly from Tara Brach – but the dreamer chose to put her face on the teaching for reasons we can’t see from the language of the dream.  It seems like a “high” teaching.  I know that when I received the color teachings, for example, it was in a place/dimension of color and shape.  This place sounds like a classroom in that dimension.  Also, the Tibetan prayer flags indicate that it’s a spiritual teaching.  It seems to be saying:  Be in deep devotion, from the largest to the postage-stamp circumstances of our lives.

    The green backpacks with the silver thread make me think of the healing (green) tools we carry with us (like the turtle carries her home on her back) in every sphere we enter (silver thread.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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