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    5.24.18, Waxing Moon in Libra (Saturn/Service, Neptune/Harmony)

    My arms are full of dirty laundry as I carry it to the washing machine. The clothes, which are small undergarments, keep falling out of my arms as I walk through the house to the laundry room. I’m trying to pick up the fallen garments without dropping more. My husband walks into the kitchen as I pass through and holds out a large shopping bag, saying, “Here, Honey, put the laundry in here,” and he holds it open for me while I spill all the laundry into the bag. I notice that many of the undergarments are in bright colors and I wonder whose they are. Then I see written on the side of the bag, in large iridescent letters, “COSMO,” the letters twinkling brightly, almost pulsating, and I wonder, is COSMO is a store? … I haven’t heard of it … where did this shopping bag come from, anyway?



    What I notice in this dream is the overburdened female being receptive to the directive male, resulting in a giving over of their ‘act of service’ (doing the washing) to the universe or cosmos. When the feminine is responsive to the masculine in this way, the bright undergarments (whatever they are!) are revealed. 


    I notice that these undergarments are not “invisible” – so we’re not directly talking about the “invisible garment” principles here.  But perhaps we are seeing the various ways (ideas, attitudes, belief systems, etc.) with which we clothe our invisible garment principles.  These undergarments – the first step in manifestation our invisible garments – come in various “colors” (frequencies of consciousness) that we develop during our lifetimes.  Laundering those ideas/attitudes/belief systems periodically is a good idea.  When we purify our cosmic under-garments, our truer selves can radiate and sparkle.  

    I wonder whether the masculine help is saying something about the need for inner masculine/feminine balance?  OR is it literally a message about life as partnerships – life as an interfacing with other beings?  

    Why “cosmo bag”. – why not “cosmic bag?”  Maybe “Cosmo” is a store in Universe City where we can shop for spiritual truth – cosmic connection.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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