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    4.23.18, Moon in Leo, Dreamer’s Pluto in Leo in Randomness

    A large grid was presented, and shapes were named. I heard the word “square” repeated, and at the same time some of the grid around a square lit up. Then “cube” was repeated and the square filled itself out from the front of the grid to the back, forming a cube of light. Then “circle” was repeated and the edges of the square became bendy and pliable and round and filled with light. The “sphere” was repeated and the circle pushed out into the back and became a sphere of light. It went on like this for quite a while. But behind the grid was a field of pulsing lights of many colors and no shape at all that streamed indefinitely out into space.

    Tamar Frankiel

    This reminds me of the geometry that Nassim Haramein describes in his theory of the evolution of space and the bodies that ‘occupy’ it.  Also, our minds prefer simple descriptions, like the flat plane and straight lines of a grid. When it fills out into 3 dimensions, or when the edges of a square bend to become a circle and then it fills out to a sphere, we have to pay attention in a different way.
    The streaming, no-shape-at-all light behind the grid is “pulsing,” like a heartbeat, and compared to it, the grid and shapes seem like just a sketch of one of the light’s potentials.


    This reminds me of the dimension of shape and color into which I was “blasted” during the mystical experience that resulted in the body of work we now call “the invisible garment.”  However, it differs in this way:  the square became “bendy.”  That idea – that every shape or form – can become “bendy” enough to become something new, something different.  That makes me wonder if the dream is saying that through our dreaming, through our invisible garment work, and through our recapitulation work we become “bendy” also.  Perhaps our beliefs that we have boxed up in a perfect cube are bending into more flowing, more gentle, more colorful potentials.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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