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    Phyllis Stapler

    I am on a dirt road at an intersection. I see a pretty white and turquoise vintage school bus  approaching. It is driven by a slim black woman wearing a fifties printed sheath. Her hair is styled in a flip and she is smiling. I could turn right in front of the bus but I wait for it to pass so I can follow behind it instead of having to look in my rear view mirror to see it. As it goes by I wave at the  students, white middle schoolers, and give them a thumbs up hoping they realize how cool their bus is (these are modern day kids). Everyone seems happy on the bus.


    In our invisible garment color work, Turquoise is the sphere of Logos – purified word.  Given the situation in our country right now, I see this dream as a sweet story about our children being “taken to school” by women of color.  Black women (Kamala Harris), or other women of the (many of the freshman class in the House, many of the women leading the #MeToo movement, many of the women of color in the spotlight right now – Beyonce et al.). And I see the dreamer, in her wisdom, knowing that these young people are in good hands and on a cool bus!  Plus I love the dreamer’s choice to turn around and follow this new vehicle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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