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    Welcome. This forum is designed for us to share the amazing wisdom and information that comes through the spiritual practice of dreaming.

    Here on the Turtledreamers Free Dreamspace we study how we dream together — how we dream each other’s realities — how we dream the same dreams with different images.

    To learn more about the philosophy of this site, please read my books: The Woman’s Book of DreamsDreams are Letters from the Soul, and The Invisible Garment

    Please don’t use this forum as a personal dream journal.  

    Please don’t expect feedback from others on the psychological meaning of your dreams. 

    Please refrain from personal, psychological interpretations of each other’s dreams. 

    Please do not comment on your own dreams.

    Our philosophy states that the information of the dream comes from a unified field of consciousness we call The Void. When you read the dreams on this website, ask yourself this key question: What did this dreamer experience in the Void that inspired her to write this story?

    Posting Rules

    1. Choose your dream title carefully. If it refers to the gender, to any type of sexual activity, or to sexual organs it may attract porn spammers. Please help us avoid that nuisance.
    2. Refrain from giving advice, from using psychological language, and from any critique of the dreams or personal experiences that are shared here.
    3. Accept each entry as a gift given to you from the most Divine Heart of the weave through the words of a dreamer. 
    4. Respond to each dream as though it were a sacred teaching. Respond to each other with the respect a circle of Masters has for each other.
    5. Refrain from questioning the dreamer about his or her emotions. That opens the door to psychological interpretation.
    6. Look for similarities, celebrate connections, be joyous together as you discover and demonstrate the collective Truths revealed in dreamtime.
    7. Once you post a dream, it is no longer yours. It has become a give-away to the circle. Posting your own interpretation of the dream only limits what others can hear. You need not thank others for comments on the dream you posted. Remember, the dream carries messages from the soul for us all.
    8. Don’t repeat what’s already been said. Repetition calls attention to the speaker and away from the dream, and it jolts us out of unity consciousness.

    Please honor the intention of this dreamspace. We are here sharing dreams in order to see the universal dream. We are in a sacred space, learning together that dreaming is a spiritual practice. We are combining the themes of our dreams in order to better understand manifestation.

    To assist you, we offer a wonderful dreaming tool: an on-line dream journal/lunar calendar. It will help you identify the types of dreams you have under specific lunar circumstances. You may subscribe to it here:  Subscribe

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