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    Moon in Taurus. Day after new moon.

    I am driving along a country road at a good speed when I realise that there are cows all over the road and a farmer herding them. I stop the car to see if I can help herd the cows back into the paddock. I approach a cow that is behind me and the closer I get, the more human-like the cow seems. I can talk to it and it talks back. I realise it is a human with deformities and that all the other cows are too. I wonder how it got to be this way and at how similar we are – that the dividing line is only a made up one that we reinforce.

    A farmer invites us to ‘pick your own spuds’ but when I arrive there are no spuds, only a patch of leafy greens on the verge of the paddock that the farmer has planted for himself and his family.

    Someone – not a farmer – is talking about sustainable agriculture and how farmers can make the most of their land, and I tell them about the planted verges. 

    I have a full moon party. Someone is working their magic on me. It seems to be one of the cow-people, but they also appear to be African-American. It is strong magic, much stronger than any I have encountered before. It stops me from doing all kinds of things, as if I am bound. After a little while, when the power of their magic has sunk in, I ask for them to lessen it a bit so that I can have a greater range of movement. They oblige, as if they just wanted me to see how powerful they are.

    I fall asleep putting my kids to bed in a tent. I wake up and go outside and see that the moon has risen and everyone is still here. I’m in my pajamas and wonder if that’s really appropriate attire for hosting a party. I walk around and realise that most people have gone home and only my dad, brothers and a friend and his family remain. They’ve gone inside the house. I go inside, nibbling at a few bits and pieces of leftover food. My dad has brought a salami. I think how inappropriate that is. They’re talking about a trip my brother wants to make to Adelaide, and how significant that will be for him and his family.

    When its time to go we get into a small car. I’m driving. Its difficult to get out. We go down a concrete ramp into a kind of loading bay, like in the back of a supermarket where the goods are delivered. I think I can get out to the left but there are only stairs going back up into the supermarket. The only way out is via another set of stairs going further down that are wide enough for a car.


    There are so many scenes and topics here, I think I’ll address only one of them and leave the rest to other dreamers.  

    I was listening to a neuro-biologist recently who is also a spiritual practitioner.  It is his theory that different creatures actually live in different albeit overlapping dimensions.  So in other words, if I look at a tree, my dog looks at that tree, the birds in the branches look at that same tree, the worms and ants the crawl on the tree look at the tree – we’re all actually seeing very different trees because the dimension from which we perceive is different.  

    I thought of that conversation as I thought about the cows that seemed human.  I wonder whether that’s insight into the relationship between humans and the animals they eat?  I don’t speak for or against vegetarianism, but I did wonder about the merging of perspective between a man and a cow, vis-a-vis the dimensional conversation.

    In fact, all the vignettes in the dream are about food – nibbling, salami, going to the market.  

    And of course that curiosity was expanded as I read the part of the dream about picking your own spuds (and yet there were no spuds to pick), and the farmer talking about sustainable farming.  It seems like the dream is in some way asking us to re-evaluate our diets.  If the dreamer has Generosity, Goodness, Extension or Regeneration in her garment pattern, that would underscore the idea of this being a food-evaluation dream.


    This dream speaks a lot of family and children and your Son has Extension and double Reciprocity in his chart

    Reciprocity is an octave higher from Generosity. Maybe your dream is for him. If it is a dream related to food this maybe something to look at. 

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