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    I was told by my mother that she had several students/protéges moving in and they needed my bedroom, so I would have to move out.  I thought it was strange – and hurtful – to kick a daughter out in favor of students.  I knew of a door in the hallway which opened into a wing of the house that had several bedrooms and bathrooms.  I wondered whether to tell my mother about it.  The rooms in this wing were run down and shabby, but with some paint an new linens, it could be a lovely addition and a perfect place for the new tenants.  So. . .would it be better to keep my secret and move out (thus getting out of a place where I wasn’t wanted), or share my secret and live with a bunch of strangers?  I decided to keep the secret and move out.



    Moving out of the mother’s house seems like moving out of the constraints of the mother’s expectations and world view. I wonder if this dream speaks to the cultural consensus about what “mother” wants. “Mother” wants to teach what she already knows to be true, or thinks to be true. We may see that there is room for “more” in the idea construct where we live and share space with each other, but perhaps what is needed now is a new place to live in instead of updates to the old.  Could this also speak to our cultural agreement of whatever country we live in and what it represents? We talk about the “Father” of our country but what about the “Mother”?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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