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    Linda P

    Dream 17 July 2018, Asc 2 degrees Virgo, M/C 25 degrees Taurus, Sun 25 degrees Cancer, Moon 27 degrees Virgo, Lilith 27 degrees Capricorn, Sedna 27 degrees Taurus, asteroid Linda 24 degrees 54 minutes Leo, Pallas 3 degrees Leo, asteroid Atlantis 9 degrees Libra (my natal chart: Sun 25 degrees Virgo, M/C 25 degrees Capricorn, Asc 20 degrees Taurus)
    In a sacred landscape, there’s a rough rock wall with ledges cut into it. The 3 ledges are rough cut but level, smoothed, and have a layer of dust and sand. This may be a cave, with a wide opening letting in natural light. The floor is dirt or sandy soil, hard packed from years of weather and people coming and going.

    I place handmade figurines of gods and goddesses, and a few animals, along the ledges. The people who arrive are called Listeners. I facilitate this first step on a path, with an introduction to and the hierarchies of the gods and goddesses. After all the statues are placed on the shelves, I carefully place the last one in the middle of the middle ledge. It is a smooth, rounded black figure without details. The human figure rises out of a clear, jagged crystal. The crystal is shaped like flames, though flames with sharp edges. A black wire cage encloses the crystal and the bottom half of the black figure. The whole piece is about 6 or 7 inches high.

    Not sure how many are here; the students coming to pick up the statues are quiet. Some may ask questions but mostly they come to commune with the statues individually and silently. Some take a while before they find the right statue. It’s a specific god or goddess that calls to a person; a person who is listening. Sometimes a person doesn’t hear clearly which statue is calling. It’s more about energy, a particular energy being awakened in the person through a particular god or goddess calling. Sometimes the people who come don’t want to be here; though, when they look at the statues, touch them, they relax into the process and become Listeners.

    I watch the faces and hands of the Listeners, pay attention to their expressions and how they hold the statues. It is obvious when the right connection is made. The physical and energetic come together and an aura appears surrounding the person and the statue.

    When the Listeners finish listening to their particular gods or goddesses, they replace the statues, and quietly leave. As I look at the ledges to make sure the statues are back in place, I see that the black figure with the caged crystal is missing. Once in a blood moon this statue calls to someone. It once called to me.

    There are only a handful of people left and no one has the missing statue. A friend or co-worker next to me asks me something. I say, “Do you know who took the statue that was here?” I point to the middle of the middle shelf. This is a serious problem because whoever took this statue means to do harm, actually more than harm; whoever it is wants to create chaos because they stole it. I’m close to panicking. It’s time to move to the next class and I have to let this go for now.

    It feels as if water is near, though I don’t hear or see any water in the space between boulders and caves. Across the open space, of hard packed sand and rocks, ahead of me is a larger cave entrance with a crowd of people entering. I wasn’t sure anyone would show up for this class and now I see a crowd hurrying inside to hear what I have to say. I’m surprised, pleased, and nervous all at once. I walk towards the cave opening. (EOD)




    Overall the dream reminds me of that “place in consciousness” where you can find all the answers.  Sometimes it shows up in dreams as a magical library where you ask a question and the answers show up on the wall in front of you.  Sometimes it shows up as a ceremony of some kind.  This dream really intrigues me.  The idea of becoming A Listener – which starts with having to be in touch enough with oneself to know which sculpture is speaking (resonating) directly with you.  In this dream story, it is important to listen to the inner energetic ears in order to become A Listener.

    I wonder about who would be courageous (or stupid) enough to steal the most important sculpture/statue in the cave.  My curiosity involves an awareness of the tendency that many people have to project “power” into an external object.  I wonder if the “power” of this object (to the extent that it has power) can actually be stolen?  I wonder of the thief may suffer some pretty serious negative consequences for stealing the object, without the dreamer or anyone else having to do anything.    

    The dreamer is called to her next task, therefore she has to let go of the potential to “create chaos” by being concerned over the missing object. To me this dream is telling us NOT TO PARTICIPATE in the chaos – do not help create it by focusing on the theft, the lie, the “wrongness.”

    Instead move on to the next thing that presents itself to be done.


    This dream came about 10 days ago, yes? And tonight we have a “blood moon.” In older cultures this was seen as something scary, a portent of some thing bad ahead, something that may basically have been an unforeseen change.

    When I read the dream, it felt like the black figure in the jagged crystal became one with a Listener – that in the communing, the power had been directly embodied into the listener and the crystal itself had vanished. It didn’t just call to someone, it became One with someone. This was a shift in the balance of power, and the previous mode of communing with the power object and then returning it – getting power from something else – was OVER. In the color work, black and white evolve into opal, and the figure in crystal evokes these color spheres, which are at the heart of new beginnings. So this would imply a new understanding of power and energy and all that. The dreamer wants to freak out but doesn’t because her job is to deal with what’s happening now – the next present moment. She understands that what once was perceived as chaos might not be chaos, might be something else, even though she doesn’t know what that would be. The old way is gone and the new way, whatever it is, is here.

    Sounds like exactly where we are now. Thanks for this dream!

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