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    Southern Hemisphere dream – Moon 1st quarter 62% in Leo, Trine Eris

    Husbands sun sign in Leo (sidereal)

    Dreamer has Pluto in Dreaming

    My husband is going on a business trip to Melbourne. He is flying down. After he has left I sit at a desk in a large hall and draw a ‘map’ of his journey. It has three parts to it but I can only see the first two. From where I am I can see it unfolding. He is standing in the Yarra river, trying to conduct two kinds of water animals – dolphins and otters. People on the riverbank are interfering. He can’t get them to do what he wants. He gets really fed up and becomes a torpedo, shooting through or above the water, faster and faster. As I watch him I become worried that he will go too fast. There are crowds gathered for a festival that includes water skiers on the river and my husband has become a novel and unexpected part of it. He keeps going faster and faster, too fast to stop. He shoots up into the air and ping pongs in a horizontal position between two nets that are suspended above the water, facing each other. Eventually he slows down and drops into the water. I think he’s done for. Because he’s become part of the festival, an emergency response team are already waiting for him in the water beneath the nets. They take hold of his comatose body and blow air into it through a snorkel inserted into his throat. He comes to, coughing up huge amounts of black liquid. He becomes a media sensation.

    I am at a table with friends. They ask me how I feel about the whole thing. I don’t know, I can’t get a handle on it. I am back at work in the large hall with all the old wooden desks. My co-workers are talking/gossiping about the event. One asks me how I feel about it. I show him the map I drew. I am trying to show him that I knew it would happen, though I’m not particularly happy about it. I’m concerned by how much my husband is being championed, and that no-one sees how dangerous it was, except me. And that no one sees that value of my work in drawing the map.


    The dream gives me some information about the relationship between the masculine and feminine energy – either in relationships or perhaps in each individual.  The feminine is quiet, operating from a wisdom that comes from inner knowledge, while the masculine is more external, more celebrated, more dramatic.

    There is also something about the masculine willfulness that will “act out” in exasperation to achieve his goal, while the feminine stays in a serenity that extends beyond the drama of the moment.  She sees what is going to happen.  She anchors it to the best of her ability through drawing the map (observer effect), but she cannot interfere directly.

    I also saw the otters and dolphins as feminine energy – ignoring the willfulness of the masculine energy because it didn’t synthesize with the natural energy of the moment.

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