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    First time posting here. I had this dream on the night after the recent lunar eclipse.

    In dream, I was originally in a place with a lot of different extraterrestrials (like that scene in Star Wars) who each looked different from each other, and each spoke a different language….I couldn’t understand anything being said; their talk sounded like nonsensical jibber-jabber.

    Then dream skipped to a scene where I was on a busy urban street (think Times Square, downtown LA, etc….). I was reading the signs above each of the many stores and realized that the words/name on the sign didn’t correspond to what I saw thru the window. For example, a sign would read “Burger King”, but the store would sell electronics; the sign would read “Rite Aid” but the store would sell fast food. I then saw that, if I de-focused my vision (so that I wasn’t focusing on reading individual letters and words) and instead put my attention on the color combinations and font styles of the signage, I knew exactly what each store was (McDonald’s, Walgreens, etc….all use specific colors and unique font styles in their signs… do Coke, Pepsi, etc….). I was looking at the background behind the words, the color fields and shapes surrounding and embracing the letters, the “how” (font style) of the writing rather than the “what” (the specific letters).

    And, in the dream, I sensed that this could be key in understanding the diverse languages of the ETs I’d seen earlier: just as I had come to look and see differently, I would need to listen differently. Rather than focus on the words themselves, I should listen for what was between, around and beneath the sound of  the words … to the shape of the silence that embraced the sounds, to the rising and falling pitches and to the subtle changes and merging-together of tones, to what the words emerged out of.


    Haha.  This seems to be a dream about how to learn the invisible garment work and the color work.  

    You know, a few news cycles ago many of the pundits and talk show hosts were up in arms that the man we call “Mr. President” had said “what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”   I had to laugh because when I talk about colors or principles with people I often tell them “It’s not what you think. . .the definition is NOT what you’ve always known it to be.”

    This dream seems to remind us to look at the substance, the energetic frequency, the Source-ness of language to see or hear the real meaning.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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