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    In the dream, I was 30ish and with an older man (70s) who seemed like my father, despite not looking like my Dad.  We went to a pathology lab (people in white coats, chrome tables, lots of equiptment), where he said that he wanted to look at the records (slides) for X(mumbled name); when I asked who X was, he indicated that this was his grandfather or maybe great-uncle. We were given stacks of small tan boxes, on a cart which we rolled into a library.  An old-style library smelling of dust and old paper, with long, thick oak desks, wooden chairs with rounded thinly padded backs and wheels, rows of wooden shelves that went up, up, up several stories, each filled with leather-bound, aging books. Scattered people were reading at tables.  At some tables, there were also heavy black microscopes; my father took a seat at one of these and I pulled a microscope from another table to sit across from him.The tan boxes were filled with glass slides. We each took one, and began looking at the slides in our own stack.  I expected to look at autopsy or biopsy slides, expected to see cells and organs.
    When I held several up to the light, I saw crimson swirling or oval configurations and thought “Maybe this comes from the intestine”.  When I put the first one under the microscope lens and looked, I saw irregular ovoid shapes abutting against each other. One ovoid was a muted dark yellow or amber, one was a deep crimson, one was the almost-black color of some wines.  I wondered if I was looking at cancer cells, because these ovoids were irregularly formed and didn’t line up in an orderly way.  But, when I looked closer, I realized that I was looking at part of a stained glass window up-close – seemingly the Art Deco glass decorating the window of a door the opened into a tavern.  I looked at another slide and, when I’d figured out how to focus on what was before me, realized that I was looking at the wooden part of that same door – the light, golden-brown grain of stained oak, and some caligraphic letters in gold nailed atop the wood.
    When I asked “Where and when is this”, I found myself on a city street that was filled with vintage cars, like those seen in movies from the late 40s.  Roundness was emphasized in their design (rounded grille, round protruberance over each wheel, rounded transition between windows and roof).  All the cars were the same color – a creamy white with a faint suggestion of yellow.  I tried looking at the license plates for a clue to “where and when”, but these were all blank (also off-white).
    Then, somehow, I was back in the library and was holding up a long, crinkled old receipt resembling the receipts we now get at the grocery store – a long thin band of white paper with many faded typings of food names and prices.  “Look,” I said, “He got an 8 course dinner, lobsters and all, for only $26, back then”.  My “father” looked up from the slide he was studying and said “Inflation”.

    Interesting dream.  The fact that the slides which we would have expected to give us biological information actually gave us information about a time and a place where the subject may have had dinner is fascinating.

    In some ways I think this dream is telling us something about dreaming – it opens portals and gives us oblique clues.  It also tells us something about the mind of the dreamer.  We look at a dream as a story that the dreamer’s waking mind wrote to remind her of an experience she had on a journey of consciousness.  This dreamer looks at the minutiae and expands from there.

    One’s Mercury (mental body) principle is often a clue to how we process data – how we think.  I don’t know if the moon was aspecting Mercury the night of the dream, but it seems like a possibility to me,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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