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    trisha adams

    This dream occurred on May 21, 2019, the moon in Sagittarius. Dreamer’s ascendant is in Sagittarius

    There was a panel truck with the word ‘curiel’ or something similar written on the side. The truck was white and pale pink. The letters were a darker pink with a splash of blue here and there. The dreamer and her sister would invite employees from this company to a meal. The employees were young men and always angry and pushy. The meals would take place in a very large dimly lit room. The tables were lower to the floor than a regular table and there were cushions to sit on. There were many tables in this room and each had 4 tall pillars on each corner of the table. The pillars around the dreamer’s table were very pale pink marble and with a dark pink ribbon spiraled around them from base to top. The room was dimly lit, but the table had a brighter light. The dreamer could see the white table cloth with the flowers and the food. When a young man came, he would be offered food, sometimes he would take a piece of bread, but never eat it. He would stand up and insist on going to the dreamer’s apartment saying he needed something there. The table was next to a staircase and the apartment was at the end of the staircase. The stairs going up were in the light, but the stairs going down were dark, almost black. When the dreamer told him that he could not go the the apartment, he would become a angry. Then another young man appeared and the same scenario happened again. This happened three times.

    In dream time, the dreamer knew the young men could not go to the apartment, and  the dreamer and her sister were waiting for the ‘right’ young man.  The young men all looked similar – don’t know their ethnicity, but they were short, small framed, and had dark hair and brown skin – perhaps Hispanic or mid-eastern. Their hair was sometimes short, sometimes long. Their shirt was a medium dark blue short-sleeve denim, and their shorts were navy blue. All wore the same clothes, but their faces changed.

    The dreamer did not know what was in the apartment the men wanted, nor why they were invited to a meal.

    Note: This dream occurred on Easter night, May 21, 2019. The next day I learned about the Sri Lanka bombings.

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