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    July 7, 2018 waning Moon in Taurus (Jupiter/Attraction)

    From a location somewhere up near the ceiling, I seem to be watching a room flood. It is a living room, appointed with all the things one would expect – sofas, chairs, tables, plants, shelves, TV, etc. The front door of the house opens, water comes in, and floods the living area up to 2-3 ft. Everything outside is flooded, too. On the wall next to the door I see a framed poster/sign made of quilted lower case cursive letters, each one of a different fabric, some slanting to the right or left or straight up. I try to get closer to see if it is the actual fabric letters or a print/photograph of it, but can’t seem to do that. The sign reads “happy birthday.” I wake up wondering whose birthday it is. (Not anyone I know, it seems.)


    Water has such power to cleanse, heal, destroy. A flood is both destructive and cleansing. Floods suggest to me that things are out of balance, that water has become so powerful that it damages. But this flood also feels very contained. It enters the house but only to a level of 2-3 feet, below the level of the sign, and drawing attention to it by opening the door beside which it hangs.

    Crafts like sewing, quilting, knitting, weaving are often passed down from mother to daughter or from grandmother to granddaughter and hence serve as acts of ancestral honouring. Sewing, weaving, knitting, etc are also actions which draw different dimensions/worlds together, maintaining balance and harmony between them. The sign is made from letters in different fabrics, placed at different angles suggesting it was put together by many different hands/sewers/quilters.

    I wonder if the dreamer has female ancestor born on that day, and if so whether there might be something out of balance in that lineage or something that requires attention/honouring/celebration there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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