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    I hope you are all doing well. I often dream of houses I’ve never seen. Mostly, I explore them and more often than not, I am looking for the perfect space within. We did move around a lot and I always loved *my* spaces and recognized them as my personal sanctuary…still do, so that could definitely tie in, but I love the idea that these dreams are bigger than that, especially considering that they are recurring, but always different buildings.


    I have exploring-  houses dreams, too.  Mine usually go like this – in the dream I’m strolling in a neighborhood.  One house seems particularly interesting to me.  I go in and start looking around – looking in drawers, in closets, etc.  THEN – the owners come home and I realize I am completely trespassing.  I usually try to hide or slip out the back door.  But sometimes they actually walk in and catch me and I try to convince them that it’s totally normal for me to be in their house.  I always wake up wondering why I felt guilty about exploring spaces in my dream.  I’ve never taken one of these dreams to my circle – or not that I remember.  If I get some of my expert dreamers to give me some hints about what they mean, I’ll let you know!


    Back in, Connie! 🙂 Very interesting the trespassing twist. I would love to know more about what others have to say. Thank you for the feedback.


    P.S. I should start a dream circle in my area. 


    I don’t know what your natal chart looks like. 

    I read in Connie’s color book that Violet is the sphere of “ceremony and architecture”; in exploring a house, we’re exploring architecture. Looking for “the perfect space within” sounds like a possible Placement theme (Placement, Intelligence and Movement are of the violet sphere) – trying to find the exact place where you can put down your feet, be a firm anchor and be firmly anchored.

    With 3 of my Invisible Garment positions in the violet sphere, I have recurrent architecture dreams. Mine aren’t ordinary houses but “crazy” MC Escher-like buildings with moving staircases, rooms that change shape/size, elevators that follow a zig-zag trajectory, walls that suddenly open to reveal hidden chambers if “spoken to” correctly, and so on. Every wierd and wild architecture ever seen in novels, movies, TV shows and more.  Architecture, exploration of the violet realm.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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