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    Really scary dream. It started in a really scary house. Right now physically I’m awake and my ankles still hurt from the dream and my right kidney doesn’t feel good and my stomach also just a horrible feeling which could also all be from what I ate but my Andrew still hurt! So I’m in this house. And over and over again the same symbols keep popping up that lead to a traumatic experience with a man that I know is a rape but I wasn’t actually raped in the dream. But there’s always water and I’m like look at the beautiful water and then a wave happens and there’s a mermaid and the mermaid brings me to a room with two men holding down my feet. So in the house that is very yellow and grimy and the energy, there is scary and gross. There were these two goblin laughing kids that looked kind of like those child angels in statues and in paintings but I knew they were evil. In the house first I was alone in this room and it was a scary movie that would trigger the 3 things. Then I was with my mother and we were going to have a nice night and watch a movie and then we start watching and the 3 evil things happen and I started to run but got so scared at one point and realized all I need to do is breath. So I start monitoring my breath and doing deep breaths and so down and realize I’m starting to float. I float up past the building and the house and I’m high in the sky. By the way, I turned on the light because it was so scary in my room it was too dark reliving the dream again. Back to the dream- I float up and up past trash and buildings and along the way there are scary women or men who are trying to pull me back down to do the repeated trauma but I’m like no I am going to keep breathing and looking up. I realize that I just have to breathe and go more internal and it will get better. And I am starting to get farther away from the city and closer to a body of water and along the way my dad is there trying to lead me and he we are laughing a little and I’m like no dad I’m going this way. It is playful and then I realize- oh my god he’s a distraction that is getting in my way from floating up and up. As soon as I realize that it starts to insist even more. He was pointing and trying to tap my shoulder but I kept dodging. (Before him I think there was another man guiding me too that was holding my hand and I felt happy at that point with it. Again this whole time I’ve been floating above the ground.) And I know at this point I can’t let him touch me because then he’ll drag me somewhere because he’s a symbol of a distraction from my work of breathing and following inner peace. I also realize I should stop following these phone lines and start following nature like the clouds. So I keep saying nope and floating away and away and we hit a highway area and I’m trying to float above it- and a wave starts coming and I miraculously miss the mermaid trying to grab me which made me very happy. But then my dad turns into another man and I’m dragged to a room where two 1950 looking, caucasian soldiers, are holding me down and a women’s cry that isn’t mine says Nooooooooo! Really loud. I can almost still hear it. It definitely echoed in my mind as I forced myself to wake up. The door starts to open and I’m like I’m fucking waking up now. And I force myself to wake up but it was really hard and it’s normally not that hard. When I woke up I was extremely scared but knew I needed to immediately write this down and share it. I looked at the clock and it was 554 and that angel number means to listen to inner wisdom which most of the dream was about.


    Wow.  What an amazing dream.  And I understand the fear in the body, but I also see an incredibly marvelous teaching in the dream.  

    So when we look at dreams from the perspective of what I teach, the first question is “what did this dreamer encounter in the Void that inspired her to write this story?”  In other words, as your consciousness expanded to include all potential, what did it encounter?  To my eyes/ears you encountered some very deep truth about the patriarchal system that strives to tie women down.  You also encountered a very deep understanding of “distraction from purpose.”

    But stated more helpfully, you encountered your own disciplined self – the self that knew to keep breathing, to keep heading toward authentic BE-ingness, to keep turning ones focus toward ones destiny, to NOT be distracted by those who pretend to want to “help” us but who really just want us to validate their flaws.  And most importantly you learned how to WAKE UP.  

    When one wakes up deliberately from a dream, it’s very powerful.  It reminds you that you have the innate wisdom to recognize what is not real, and it reminds you that the power of an awakened consciousness cannot be damaged by anything else.  Wake up and turn on the light – that’s a perfect metaphor for everything that I teach about consciousness, about purposeful living, and about the power of authentic self-knowing.

    So as odd as this sounds, I celebrate this dream because it tells me that one dreamer out there has remembered Herself in the midst of the nightmare.  You didn’t try to fight, you just remembered to breathe and ascend above the negativity.  YAY.

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