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    3rd Dec 2017  Day before Full Moon in Sagittarius.

    I am outside and looking up there is a massive aircraft just hovering about the level of the clouds. It is perfectly still but so enormous. I know it isn’t an alien aircraft and I am not afraid. It is shaped like a toy balsa wood glider a triangle with its corners rounded. I know it’s an American craft but not military. It also isn’t red, white and blue but definitely American. There is a dark object moving to and fro above the craft it reminded me of a helicopter by its size and the way it moved. It reminded me of one of the massive spaceships you would see in Star Wars.


    When I look up the sign of Sagittarius I see that its all about adventure, curiosity, independence and going off the beaten path. With that in mind, I feel like this dream is asking us to look beyond what’s familiar, comfortable and known, to whatever it is that is buzzing around out there beyond.

    Aeroplanes defy gravity by their forward motion, but this aircraft is not moving. It’s defying gravity twice, if you like. When I think of the USA, I think of patriotism. The word patriot comes from the latin word pater, meaning father. I read in Connie’s book recently that the Essenes believed in a heavenly father and an earthly mother. The aircraft has a protective feel to it, like a shield, a father’s way of showing his love.

    But there’s something out there, flying around, beyond the stationary aircraft. It seems like a helicopter. A helicopter has a much wider range of movement than an aircraft. It is not as fast in its forward motion, but it can go sideways and ?possibly even backwards?

    I feel like its asking us to considering a much wider range of movement: up, down, left, right, forwards and possibly even backwards.


    Even though the dreamer “knows” that this isn’t an alien aircraft, it does feel like a cosmic vehicle of some kind.  I remember hearing a story about the Native American’s on the eastern coast of Mexico.  It is said that when the ships from Spain arrived on their horizon many centuries ago, they couldn’t actually “see” them because they didn’t have a synapse network that could interpret such large crafts on the ocean.  They could sense that there was something there – they could feel the energy of the new something – but they had to get in canoes and actually row out and touch the ships to establish a visual option in their brains.

    So in this dream it feels like the dreamer has expanded her options enough to see what is there but hasn’t been visibly possible before.  The little helicopter is the mental “canoe” exploring this mystery aircraft as it does the impossible thing of hovering without movement.  Why America?  Could it be the connection to the dreaming sisters and invisible garment family she’s met are anchored in North America?  

    This dream reminds me to see possibility.  This dream reminds me that what I think I know is only a small portion of what IS.  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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