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    Moon in Leo –
    Dreamer’s Pluto in Leo in Unity
    tri Venus –
    Dreamer’s Venus in Desire in Scorpio

    I went shopping with Freya.  We went to Michelle’s antique shop.  I saw some emerald earrings that I wanted to buy.  They were perfect to go with my favorite necklace.  I have literally been looking for the right earrings for that necklace for 25 years.  I told Michelle that I wanted to buy them.  She said they go with the kimono on which they were displayed.  I didn’t want the kimono, but was willing to take it in order to get the earrings.  She had me put it on because it was tricky.  Indeed it was.  The first part was a long white gauze undergarment.  I thought,  “Oh good.  I can wear this under lots of my Dress to Kill dresses.  Then there was a midi length black lace slip-like piece.  And then the actual kimono was clearly designed by a modern Japanese designer.  It was asymmetrical and had a very architectural structure – in-seam wires that made it stick out in interesting angles.  It was short – mini – in the front with a train in the back,  so that the under garments were a featured part of the whole ensemble.  The fabric was heavy silk or taffeta.  It was a botanical print on a dark background.  It was true that the brilliance of the emerald earrings was accentuated by the dark colors of the kimono.


    The dreamer’s placement of Venus in Desire is evoked by the actual desire for the earrings, a desire present for a long time. But sometimes what is wanted comes with something else that makes the desired object more complete, putting it in the context of a greater whole. The undergarments sound like the underworld, calling out to the dreamer’s Pluto in Unity. The asymmetrical structuring of the undergarments reminds me of astrological placements on a circle, and makes me wonder if this particular set of undergarments is perhaps the structure of the dreamer’s Personal Trinity or Personal Pillars, what with the black and white elements. Each of these elements works together to creat a unified whole, which THEN is the backdrop, or maybe the initiatory element for the earrings, which indicate the dreamer is ready to hear the information of the Light! 

    Elaine Levi

    If I remember correctly, Michelle dressed you in this dimension. She apparently continues doing so in the dream space.  

    Maybe the dreamer wishes to hear information from the Peridot Council as the earrings are what she wants.  The asymmetry of the invisible garment (kimono) could also remind us that information doesn’t necessarily come in a balanced pattern.

    Tamar Frankiel

    Yes, as Cammie said, Desire as the consciousness point “Hearing the Information of the Light” aligns with the earrings. The dreamer was choosing them to match a necklace, which adorns the throat, connected to the principle of Beauty.  The description of the kimono reminds me of Beauty too – architecture and design are mentioned, as well as the interesting quality of the angles and asymmetries.  I saw the white and black as the Big Bang and the Void, the creative forces that generate all the colors.  “Botanical print on a dark background” reminded me of the principle of Flowering, pointing to evolution, against the background of Creativity, in the indigo sphere. And a “train in back” – I thought of “trailing clouds of glory” (Wordsworth).  So I looked up the (long) poem. Here’s the excerpt :

    Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
    The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star
       Hath had elsewhere its setting,
         And cometh from afar.
       Not in entire forgetfulness,
       And not in utter nakedness,
    But trailing clouds of glory do we come,
       From God, who is our home.

    The principle of Desire points toward home.

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