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    Nancy K
    Dream November 20th 2018
    Moon in Aries ~ Moon opposite Venus [6 Ahau]
    Dreamer’s Moon 3 Aries/Memory | Dreamer’s Venus 3 Virgo/Memory
    (interesting note – my deceased mother was an Aries)
    I am with Mother (or maybe my sister, Ellen?) but I think its Mother. We are in a town where there are important meetings going to be held. We’re staying in an institutional building looking a little like Tarman Tower – my first dorm at the University of Oklahoma. I decide to go for a walk and have a look around. I end up in a very unusual rocky area. Am I suddenly in the mountains? I find myself in a huge rock cave or a very large space carved out of the rock. It’s a huge room-like area and dark altho there is a source of indirect light coming from somewhere. There’s a woman here. Is  she a prisoner? This seems like an odd place for her to be. She is beautiful, graceful and appears to be Middle Eastern. She’s neither young nor old. We begin talking. I think she’s very nice. I am a bit worried about the whole situation. Why is she in this cave instead of in the tower with the rest of us? I show her how to get up out of this rock cave area and she’s happy about that. As we spend time together, we start to become friends. Eventually I learn she is a diplomat. She is to give testimony.  There is something she is going to tell all of these dignitaries at the meeting we are here for. No meetings have started yet. I’m worried about whether she has had enough food. I decide to take her back to where I’m staying with Mother. She’s glad to know that there’s another place for her to be. I decide to tell her that she can come and stay with us whenever she wants. We walk across a big green open field towards the Tower. I show her how to get into the building and the room where we are staying. EOD

    Wow.  This dream totally reminds me of the Persephone myth – the pre-patriarchal telling of it!  Persephone used to go to the fields with her mother (Demeter who was the goddess of the harvest.). While her mother stayed above ground working with the plants, Persephone used to go into the underworld because she was so fascinated with the fact that the plants also grew down into the earth.  Occasionally she would find people there who were lost, and she would show them back to the light.  When Pluto (or was it Hades then?) found out about it, he was angry that she was performing acts of power in his realm.  Her solution was that they should marry.  He would then have the most beautiful goddess on Olympus as his wife, and she would be Queen of the Underworld and free to perform acts of power in her own queendom.   I mean, really!  Look up the feminist telling of the myth.  It’s totally a woman-power myth and this is a woman-power dream.  Not the kind of “Wonder Woman” girl power where the girl is powerful because she can beat up guys – but the REAL power of the feminine – compassion, relationship, sisterhood, bonding, equality.  Thanks for sharing this dream.  I mean, honestly, talk about Memory showing up in a dream. . .

    Nancy K

    Wow!  Thanks for that information, Connie !  I did not know about that version of the myth.  Much appreciated…..xo

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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