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    I was in a large co-working space along with my 4 co-workers. There were many rooms, each with a different theme. Everyone seemed like they wanted to work alone so they shuffled around the building until they each settled in an empty room. Though there are walls, I could see each of them clearly. 

    I am working when I hear a strange sound – I look up to see if the others hear it too. They do not. I walk outside and see a small path. I follow it and arrive in the midst of what I can only describe as an enchanted wood. I hear a baby gurgling and making happy sounds. I look around until I discover a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair and luminous blue eyes nestled in greenery. She doesn’t show any signs of distress.

    I was aware of a presence all around me. Without words, she told me that the child belonged to her, the woods…the energy. She assured me that the baby was happy and safe, so I turned and walked out of the woods and back into the co-working space. 

    A few hours later a storm rolls in and I hear another odd sound. Again I look to see if anyone has heard…and again, they have not. I run outside and down the path. This time the baby is crying. I begin looking for her. I feel panic in my chest. It begins to rain. I finally uncover her and wrap her in my arms. I no longer feel the comforting presence from before. The mothering energy is gone.

    I walk until I come to a clearing, and there, on the forest floor, I recognize the physical form of the spirit I felt earlier. I didn’t need to be told that it was her. I just knew. She was the shape of a tree, but her trunk and branches were formed of the same pale, statuesque woman’s body. Rounded hips, a narrow waist, full breasts…the body was duplicated over and over forming the tree. She had deep, burgundy hair that lay around her like a body of water.  There were large scarlet flowers everywhere. Her face was that of a tree spirit or nymph. Smooth, beautiful, lips parted, eyes closed.

    As my eyes traveled down her body they froze upon a stake that had been driven through her core. She was dead. I felt deep sadness for the loss of something so beautiful. I felt confusion. Who would harm something so regal, nurturing, and stunning?

    At that moment I knew that I had been called to the woods to claim the baby. I held her close to my chest, breathing her in. I turned and slowly carried her out of the woods. 



    This sounds like a dream about our tendency to separate and isolate ourselves, and thereby to lose touch with truth and reality.  As the dreamer’s co-workers sought solitude in the workplace, they also cut themselves off from hearing Gaia’s messages.  The dreamer not only heard the call, but heeded it – twice.

    The good news is that even with the demise of the “mother,” the baby lives and the dreamer recognizes her imperative to meet her obligation to take care of the baby.

    In these days of climate change and the death of countless species, we really don’t know our own species-wide destiny.  But as dreamers – dreaming the new world – we know that caring for the new life is our job.  As many people put on their blinders and refuse to see reality, those of us who are “awakened dreamers” face the realities and accept our responsibilities for continuing to be the stewards of our planet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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