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    24/10/2018 – Full moon in Aries – Last day of my cycle

    I’m in a outdoor space, surrounded by women. I’m standing in front of a one women and we both have a knife in our hand. She is cutting mi belly, a straight line going down from the navel and a perpendicular line to the left. There is no pain and nearly any blood, instead it is a feeling that it is a loving ritual. With my knife, I begin to cut the forehead (near the right eye) of this same women. But she starts to get nervous and can’t continue well with the cutting. I try to calm her down, but it is not really working. I’m saying things but all the women around me misunderstand me and seem not to be listening to me.

    Near the place we are all standing, there is a group of men playing drum. I go to them to ask them if they can stop playing, there is too much noise and I feel I am not heard by the women.

    I wake up with a feeling of treason, abandonment and being alone with nothing.





    This dream has several interesting indications to me.

    First, in our invisible garment work, the skin is connected to the principle of Humility, and Humility is about authentic self knowing.  So it seems that the woman cutting the dreamer’s skin was opening a portal into authentic self-knowing for the dreamer.  

    In addition, the navel is connected to the principle of Movement.  And around the navel we find the intestines, connected to the principle of Attraction and the colon connected to the principle of Harmony, and the womb connected to the principle of Dreaming.  Oh, and also blood, which is connected to the principle of Peace.  All of these principles seem to be opened or made available through this action by the dreamer’s companion.   I don’t know the dreamer’s natal information, so I don’t know whether any of these principles are a part of her garment pattern.  But whether they are or not, this dream is ceremonially awakening all those principles.

    The dreamer then begins to open the forehead near the eye (which is connected to the principle of Desire) for the other woman.  But her fear prevents her from being available to the benefits of such an opening.  In fact the loud masculine drums and the fear of the other women prevent much of the ceremony from being heard.

    I see the dream as a ceremonial dream, which is the kind of dream we have to prepare for something new and dynamic to enter the world of form.  First we dream the dream/idea, then if it finds the right form, it manifests.  The dream of Humility, Movement, Harmony, Attraction, Dreaming and Peace as guiding principles seems to be on it’s way!  

    Thank you.  We need that dream.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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