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    So a year ago I dreamt I was swimming in the waterhole at the rural retreat centre I run and i got this wierd feeling there was crocodiles around, even though I knew there are no crocs in our river, in the dream i decided to follow my intuition  anyway and get out of the river fast, i started to swim and just as I got to the rocks I turned and saw a big croc coming out of the water where I had been… I knew it was a potent dream of significance at that time but didnt grasp exactly how. 

    I later experienced a betrayal where I had multiple insights that the people involved were also connected to this crocodile energy. Powerful, instinctual, calculates, submerged….

    So anyway, last night I dream I am sitting on a lakes edge with friends having a picnic, and then this smallish croc is walking around near us, we get a little fright but Im like, its cool, its out in the open we just need to keep an eye on it.. then my friend says they can feel something under their feet, and then i notice some bumps in the sand and in the water and realise we are sitting on top of a monster croc submerged under the sand and water. In that moment the croc rears up and its huge like 4 meters long and we all have to run for our lives…so clearly if I think Ive seen what danger was lurking under the surface, I aint seen everything yet. . .

    Since its the watery cancer new moon today, i thought this was interseting too, as Cancer sits in the house of marraige for me also cancer rules open enemies, like the little croc I could see walking around, but as for the massive subbterranean monster…. shiet.


    From a mundane and human perspective adult crocodiles are threatening, because they are large enough to devour us. A baby croc is small enough to observe. From that vantage, an obvious characteristic is the length of their spine not the teeth and jaws. That powerful tail is used to maneuver through a river’s shifting currents. This dream may be about the principle of intelligence. 


    It could very well be that these dreams were and are a warning. Another interpretation of the seventh house is formal partnerships. Perhaps the dreamer is contracted to attract humans that embody this kind of cancerian energy; a tough outer shell (or skin in the case of the croc), an ability to stealthily navigate shifting and quick moving currents. And when crocs do surface, sometimes you just see eyes and a snout before they disappear into the depths once again.

    If the human/croc is unenlightened then the dreamer might feel like their next meal. But, if they have raised their kundalini energy and embraced the positive side of the principle of intelligence? Wow. A tough, smart, sensitive and adaptable business partner who scares the shiet out of any real enemies. Sounds pretty good, regardless of what people who only dwell on the surface may think.



    Crocodile brain energy is connected to. the amygdala “fight or flight” brain.  Recent studies have shown that people who have fear-based belief systems and people who are ultra conservative in their politics have an enlarged amygdala.  So I saw the crocs in this dream as fear-based energies that are unprocessed within our cultures.  The small croc – the visible one – is the kind of energy that we may see and keep our eye on and maybe even do some legislating.  (i.e. making laws that try to equalize disenfranchised parts of the population.) But the larger one – the one that is more dangerous – the one that WILL KILL US – is buried beneath the surface.  We’re actually sitting on it.  It is our foundation.

    Things like racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia – these are deeply buried (and mostly unconscious) beliefs held by many within a culture.  These are beliefs that can’t be legislated away, and in some cases can’t be addressed because they are so cleverly disguised.

    As dreamers and spiritual practitioners, a large part of our job is to SEE the buried crocodile brain concepts within our cultures and bring them to the attention of the whole.  For example, in America the man elected by the electoral college brought misogyny to the forefront in a video where he bragged about his prowess at sexual assault.  In doing that he let out a  secret-in-plain-sight that is culture wide.  All of a sudden, women stood up, put on their pink “pussy” hats (literally and metaphorically) and the #metoo movement started.  That, to me, is one of the “bumps” on the back of the cultural crocodile brain that is now visible and will never be buried as cleverly again.

    This dream offers lots of thought exercises for all of us.  What crocs are swimming in your river?  How can you reveal them?  Are you aware that you’re actually sitting on the crocodile brain? (By that I mean you participate in keeping the reptilian thinking alive by being a silent partner.) 


    Crocodiles are ancient, tracing back to the dinosaur period.  While we humans have evolved into mammals, we have not separated ourselves entirely from these reptilian ancestors; there is reptile-ness, or crocadile-ness, buried deeply within us in the ancient (but denied) memory-codes of our DNA.  Being so ancient, they are carriers of our deepest primordial (older than “ancestral”) memories and tendencies – a connector to our origins, the emotions and raw instincts that are buried most deeply within us.  

    Generally, crocodiles are associated with fear (in the prey) and primal ferocity (as predator). They often are submerged in water – pointing to emotions that lurk beneath the surface, all the more menacing because they aren’t seen.  What emotions and instinctual urges may be repressed or denied – because they’re judged “not evolved enough”, because society has taught us to push them aside (rather than acknowledging and understanding them), because their power seems overwhelming?  How much of the danger lies in the powerful emotions/instincts themselves, and how much of the danger relates to fearing what is unseen?

    If we shoot the crocodile, a crowd of other crocodiles may attack in retaliation. If we run away, the crocodile may chase us….and crocodiles will continue to lurk and menace us from the river bank whenever we return. We can’t “get rid” of emotions/instincts by declaring war on them, running from them or submerging them; such reactions cause the emotions to only grow and multiply.  We don’t “get rid” of emotions; we learn to acknowledge even the “unapproved” submerged (denied, repressed….) emotions and acknowledge them as part of us. When they are one with our being, merged with our overall energetic flow – sometimes the most fearsome become the source of our power and vitality. Just as the crocodile is a being of great power and primordial knowing.

    Minus wings, the crocodile also resembles the dragon – thick scaly skin, scary. Dragons often safeguard a buried treasure, which isn’t available until the seeker learns how to deal with the dragon. This treasure is the “reward”, after a long quest and a dragon (crocodile) initiation.  Do your crocodiles point to still buried treasures (personal illumination, breakthrough, etc) related to navigating and understand the realm of buried emotions and instincts?

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