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    This was last night, 7/28 the night after the blood moon- 

    sun-humility in cancer

    moon- silence 


    We are on top of a mountain/ coastal hill and there are big waves crashing putting people’s lives in danger. There is a desire to be at the bottom but the waves keep pushing up back up.
    Each time a big one comes we work together to get the kids passed up the hill to safety. For some reason we continue to press on towards the water in between waves. Even tho when a wave comes we go back up. There seems to be both a communal desire to make it to our destination but also a group desire to keep everyone safe. Especially the babies.


    I wonder if this dream is a political statement?  Sometimes high waves can represent moments in political or popular thought.  These waves that keep pushing “us” back up the mountain feel like dangerous waves of collective thought that are potentially very harmful.  . . especially for the babies.  I think of the babies we have decided to actually traumatize by separating them from their parents and caging them.


    This dream makes me think of global warming, which is causing sea levels to rise. Rising sea levels mean that higher altitudes are safer. But I was reading something the other day that suggested that we’re very resistant to the idea of global warming and to making the necessary changes at the necessary rates for future generations to be safe/protected. The persistent motion towards the sea reminded me of this resistance to changing our way of life. And the focus on getting the children to safety reminded me of the impacts of our inaction on future generations – that its for their safety and not our own that we need to make the change.


    Dangerous or a warning for the future felt true in the dream. I woke up scared, but then also felt joyful because of the strong collective effort to help the children. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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