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    Elaine Levi

    January 5, 2018

    Moon in Virgo (Movement)
    trine Saturn (Unity)
    opp Neptune (Beauty)

    I’m in a warehouse that has large boxes and shelves filled with fabrics. I pull out some fabric and rip off some yardage. It is a pastel blue. I do the same for a pale green fabric. They do not have any design and are light in weight. I see a bolt with colorful design, metallic threads creating a pattern of swirls of color blended in to the design. Somehow it appears in my hand. I do not have any recollection of cutting it.

    I start to walk towards a group of women. On the way there a woman says to me that I’m going to have to pay for all these pieces.
    Oops, I think. I can’t afford all this. I casually put the pale colored pieces over the edge of a box hoping I don’t get busted for doing this.

    I can see how lovely the colorful piece of fabric will drape into a soft flowing dress and I want to keep it for future use. I sense it isn’t for me.

    Tamar Frankiel

    The dreamer rips off some pieces of pastel fabric – light in density as well as color. They seem to be objects of personal desire.  “Rip off” can mean to steal, but the dreamer replaces those pieces when reminded she has to pay for them. But then there is another fabric, with metallic threads that create swirls, that appears in her hand without her willing it. She imagines it becoming a beautiful flowing dress, but its future use is “not for me.” This suggests Neptune in Beauty, perhaps a collective rather than an individual garment.


    It always interests me when the idea of stealing comes up in a dream.  Is it actually impossible, don’t you think, to steal something in a dream?  So what did the dreamer experience in the Void that made her write this story?  What does “rip off” mean in this context and what does “pay for” mean?  If in this case fabric refers to the energy of a person or personality (his or her invisible garment) I think it’s possible that the dreamer was looking at the energetic exchange (payment) that occurs between people (weaves) in relationship.  I could be on the wrong track here, but it seems that the dream might be saying that sometimes in our relationships we realize that the “price” (emotional or literal) is too high and so we have to gently leave those relationships behind, hoping that it’s not hurtful or harmful to do so.   But the one more colorful and more pliable (drapy, flowy) relationship is “worth the price.”  


    When the dreamer “rips off” the pale pieces of fabric, it sounds like a tearing of the fabric, a hasty taking of it,  and the hastiness seems like a quick assessment – a “this will do” attitude. Then the fabric that is really what the dreamer needs – the swirling colors with the metallic threads of Ecstasy/Resistance is found in hand without any memory of taking it or cutting it – the fabric has brought itself to the dreamer without the dreamer asking, taking, ripping or cutting. The flowing fabric will meet the future need, perhaps for another person. So it seems like a shift in attitudes from “take what I need” to “what is needed finds me” – the principle of Attraction speaking? Someone says you have to pay for what you took, but perhaps all is necessary is to put the old way down.


    The pale colours remind me of a meditation that cleanses off dark colours. Pale colours are the good, bright aspect in us, dark colours the dross that builds up through emotion, thought etc.

    The metallic threads appear to me as filaments, and speak to me of interconnectedness, or of some divine element woven in. The dreamer doesn’t rip it off, it just appears in her hands – it is given/provided – but it is not for her. The dreamer has a vision for this fabric (the dress), but will not be the wearer? Instead keeps it for some future use.

    The swirls and colours remind me of the dream. Of how ‘life’ looks without form. The primordial bog or swamp from which life emerged.

    The dreamer is alone and encounters a group of women. I get a sense of accountability here, of being accountable to the group. No words or payment are exchanged with the group, but another woman, who strikes me as a bit of a voice of conscience, says that the dreamer has to pay. So she puts down all of the pieces except the one that was ‘given’. 

    This dream speaks to me of our trying to find the good in others, we look for it, wanting to take some of it for ourselves. But the price for this is high. Instead we are given something much more beautiful and valuable, we have a vision for what to do with it, but its not ours to keep. Its a gift. It has a purpose and we can help it to achieve that purpose. We don’t pay for it because its not ours.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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