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     November 7 8:00 am NewMoon 15 deg.

    At a location of the county border Mountlake Terrace/Lake Forest Park there is school or gathering place of young people. I talk with a young woman. It is low light and I am not sure they want to be seen. There were objects – I cannot remember what they were- I thought they were familiar. Maybe one looked like a canister. How it was being used had significance. I was trying to help in some way. Helping with unification? I realized I did not care about academic goals.




    This is important because it’s a new moon dream.  OF COURSE the light is low.  Our “night light” is taking a rest – refreshing itself.  And as she begins a new lunar cycle, the young people are planning their next move.  Political and spiritually, the young people – the millennials and younger – are preparing to be the new leaders.  

    The word canister comes from a Greek word meaning woven bread or fruit basket.  Even though we often see a canister as a cylindrical metal or porcelain container, I think it’s interesting to think about these young people as weaving a container that carries food to the people!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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