Symbology: The triple spiral is a symbol found in many cultures. Perhaps the most famous is the one in Newgrange, in County Meath, Ireland near the entrance to an underground chamber. The unique structure of these spirals creates the illusion that as one pathway spirals out in counter clockwise motion from the center, another spiral in clockwise direction toward the center. The connection of the three spirals is reminiscent of the Holy Trinity as it is expressed in many different traditions. I've chosen this symbol as our "sacred shopping" icon! Hopefully, the things you may be inspired to purchase here will take you deeper into yourself (the inner spiral) while sending energy out into the world to support artists in their endeavors to create sacred works (the outer spiral.)

Gifts from the Soul - 
available as audio download

The Invisible Garment
available in hardcover,
digital, and audio

She Rises While it is 
         Still Night 
e-book by Dr. Tamar Frankiel

A Manual for 
Spiritual Parenting 
available as an e-book


Dreams are Letters

from the Soul

available in digital and audio

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Lunar Calendar and  
Dream Diary
available as a 
monthly subscription



A Colorful Life

available as e-book, with “colorful” formatting

or digital text formatting

The Invisible Garment Workbook
will be individually compiled for you after you order

The Woman’s Book of Dreams -
available in soft cover, digital, and audio