Symbology: This symbol is called the wishing well. It's an ancient runic symbol. The crescent moons dip into the same well from different places on the wheel, to receive the nourishment of Truth from their unique perspective! This mirrors a teaching of Meister Eckhart, a 10th Century Christian mystic, who says that God is a great underwater river that cannot be stopped and cannot be dammed. Matthew Fox, a modern mystic, has expanded on Eckhart's teachings by saying that there are many wells (religious or spiritual systems) through which one can reach the depths of Truth.

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Connecting to Our Sister Sites

In our commitment to use the web in a way that has a profound impact on the wholeness of the Internet, our imperative is to visit other sites that are dedicated to the truth. The ones listed here are sites that I can personally endorse, because I know the people who created them.

The list may be small, but it is powerful. - Sandie Sedgbeer is a phenomenal powerhouse of embodied spiritual energy.  Through her website she offers personal counseling, corporate marketing, and radio and television interview, all from her uniquely insightful perspective.  Check it out. - Surely Andrew Harvey is one of our most dedicated, passionate inspiring, in-spiriting modern teachers.  He’s been a continuing source of encouragement for my work, for which I’m eternally grateful.  His vision of spiritual activism gives guidance and hope to us all. – CommonWell Institute International, Inc  is a non profit dedicated to inspiring sustainable leadership for the new century that promotes peace, and that is dedicated in spirit and action to the wellbeing of all citizens of the global village, including women and children.  CommonWell works in areas of the globe affected by war and strife, concentrating on creating economic sufficiency for all. – Jamie Sams is a close friend and has been profoundly influential in my "coming out" as a teacher. She is a prolific author, and is the hub of many concentric circles of dreamers and light workers around the world. Her books and tapes are all worth owning. Visit her web site to sample her many offerings. – Heather Valencia is one of my most valued teachers and friends. Anything that she has to say and share is worth your attention and contemplation. – Lynn is a teacher of some notoriety. She runs a school for shamanistic training. Her website is quite lovely.  – Jennifer Star, one of our dream sisters, has created a lunar journal that is crammed full of information about each of the 13 lunar cycles.  I love using it, as it expands my awareness of how the moon influences my dreams and my daily walk. – Georgiana Lofty, hostess of this site, is a magical teacher who will take you into yourself by teaching you to use the thirteen turn labyrinth as a spiritual tool. She's a dear friend, and elegant person, and one who WALKS her talk.