We dreamers on the North American Continent – Turtle Island – invite dreamers from all over the planet to join us in dreaming the new future. Let's create the age of peace together. Click the site guide spiral for an exploration of the website.

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These six small books provide a new metaphor, a 21st Century perspective, that gives us the option to bring about a needed change in our world

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A Colorful Life

Lunar Dream Calendar

This beautiful calendar gives you the lunar aspects for every night of the year.   After  a few months of posting, you begin to understand your dream patterns by using the search feature.

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Invisible Garment WorkbookThe_Invisible_Garment_Workbook.html

A conversation about Spiritual Parenting between Suzy Miller and Connie Kaplan

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Conversations at the Cutting Edge

A new conversation between

Sandie Sedgbeer and

Connie Kaplan

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Connie Kaplanhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkupcp2Vlq4