Symbology: Since ancient times, the scroll has been the symbol for learning. The ancient documents which have been discovered in our century ― the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Library, etc.― have provided us with rich and deep information about our ancestors and their beliefs. The Torah is a scroll in every Jewish Temple. Unrolling the scroll is a symbol for reading truth.



This doorway takes you to our inexpensive short e-books.  In honor of our global need to conserve resources, we offer our new material in the form of e-books.  Check here often, as there will be new ones regularly.  If you print them, please used recycled paper and print.  Most of these books result from the class discussions of our on-line courses.  We offer them at highly reasonable prices because we want them to be available for everyone.

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A Manual for Spiritual Parenting

by Connie Kaplan with Tamar Frankiel, is now available as an e-book for only $5.95 (116 pages).  Based on an online class, incorporating the discoveries and insights of many parents, this book shows you how to use the Thirty Principles to parent your child from a spiritual perspective - and how to grandparent, and even how to re-parent yourself.  In addition, this update of Connie's work shows how to understand the formation of the personal ego, and how to use your astrological placements to understand your and your child's relationship to the larger world.

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