Symbology: Every snowflake is unique. And yet every snowflake is elementally identical. That's a brilliant and truthful description of human beings. Our spiritual journey is about discovering our uniqueness, yes — but it's MORE about remembering our connectedness.

A snowflake is crystallized water. After it descends, it experiences many many transformations — liquid, gas, ice, etc. If we see ourselves in that metaphor, we see that our primary job is to keep ourselves purified, so that whether we're in the ocean of collective reality, or in the clouds of sweet solitude and meditation, we'll be operating from the essential self— not from the pollutants we pick up along the way.

Dream Guidance

Dream Guidance

This doorway opens two important aspects of dreaming.  Connie's dream work redefines dreaming, and it requires that people share dreams in order to fully understand the images, as well as to ground the information coming from the soul.  Our dreams are like snowflakes:  each unique and individual, and yet when combined they blanket our world with a collective message.

What is a Dream

Dreaming is an encounter with the dimension of Truth

As we go to sleep, we drift into the blackness, the Void.  We abandon awareness of the body, the bed, the room.  We dissolve into the warm, familiar "home" of the darkness.   

This home is the dimension of Truth.

This home is non-linear, non-personal, non-rational and non-distinct.

This home is holy, whole, and beyond personal comprehension.

In this Great Nothingness, an energetic exchange occurs, which is a direct experience of divine energy interfacing with and regenerating the individuated beingness of the dreamer.  It is a mystical experience.

As the body regenerates, it becomes the job of the personal mind to create a bridge, between divine unity and waking reality.   The mind writes a story to serve as the integral bridge.  The story, which is really a metaphor for the divine experience, is what we call the "dream."

Dreaming is paradoxical.

In its truest sense, a dream occurs outside the comprehension of the individuated human:  In its literal sense, it is written by the individuated mind.

In its truest sense, a dream is entirely impersonal and is about Life and not about the personality of the dreamer:  In its literal sense, its a personal story.

It it's truest sense, the dream is an encounter with other beings and other-worldly experiences:  In its literal sense, the dream is a story written by the dreamer about the dreamer.

Dreaming is a spiritual practice.

Each day each being (human and non) is required to sleep.

Each day, every form of Life Force returns "home."

Every being is welcomed into the Void with equal reverence.

Everyone dreams -- we all practice the journey to unity.

The difference between us and other beings is that we make our dreams come true.

What is a Dream Circle?

What Is a Dream Circle?

A dream circle is an ancient prayer form that gives structure to the “work” of dreaming.  In a meeting each dreamer who so desires tells a dream.  When all the dreams have been heard, each dream is heard again, and the participants respond to each, giving information, feedback, and facts that the dreamer may not have known.  We learn in circle that our dreams are not separate, private events, but that our dreams fit together like puzzle pieces.

Why Dream Circles Are Important

We lose memory of life’s mystery in the everyday world. In the mirrors held by dream circle members, we see the mystery.  Sitting in circle, hearing each other’s dreams, and discovering our unseen interconnectedness allows us to reconnect with Great Mystery.

The “Language of the Circle.”

In the Beginning was the Word.  These words from St. John, tell us that nothing exists until there is sound—until it is articulated. Therefore, we speak our dreams to each other, in order for the truth in them to live.  The “language of the dream” makes dream circle a unique experience for most participants. We speak to each other in the mystical, poetic, lyrical, imaginative language of dreams.

Dream circle is not a psychological support group.  It is not a time for dream analysis, dream interpretation, or dream dialog.  Instead, dream circle is a time of speaking dream language from an awakened heart, and hearing the dreams of others with awakened ears.  The question one asks while hearing a dream is, “What did this dreamer experience in the Void — the place of all potential, the source of Creation— that inspired her to write this story?” 

The Dreaming Stone

As each person shares a dream in circle, she holds a stone.  This stone, chosen by the circle, carries the energy and memory of their collective dreaming. If you are holding the stone, you are holding the “talking stick” of circle.  You speak only when holding the stone.  Because stones store the memories of our Mother Earth, the dream circle stone literally holds the energy of the dreaming, carrying it round and round the circle again and again.  Each time you take the stone, you will feel that its energy has magnified and you are being drawn to a “higher” place.

Sharing Dreams

The dreamers pass the stone in a counterclockwise direction.  The first time the stone goes around the circle, each person who cares to shares a dream, from the past or from the recent present. After hearing many dreams in succession, the dreamers relax into a unique state of consciousness.

The power of the dream circle is interestingly in the flow of energy that takes a life of its own as the dreamers hear that they are dreaming the same dreams, sharing the same images, having amazingly similar experiences.  We learn of our interconnectedness by listening, and allowing the energy to interweave us.

The Counterclockwise Direction

Cosmic energy moves counter clockwise.  This is the galactic direction.  It is the direction the Earth rotates on her axis.  It is the direction she moves around the sun.  It is the direction the moon moves around the Earth, and that she rotates on her axis.  Counter clockwise is also the direction of the rotation of our solar system in the Milky Way, and it is the direction of the movement of the galaxy herself.  Counter clockwise is the direction of the DNA spiral.  It is the feminine direction, the spiral of the great nurturing darkness. By working in the counter clockwise direction, dream circle members open the gates of all possibility, and become receptive to Creation’s flow.

The Humility of Dreaming

Challenges may occur within a dream circle.   Jealousy, spitefulness, lack of generosity, and competition are damaging to the relationships of dreamers.  There is absolutely no room for these reactive behaviors in a dream circle. It is important to enter every dream circle ceremony with the utmost compassion in your heart and the most impassioned desire to be authentic, loving, receptive, and powerfully available to be transfigured by the beauty of the energy.   We are hard on ourselves in this modern world.  We judge ourselves.  We inflate or deflate, depending on our mood.  As spiritual dreamers, it is important to see accurately into the mirror of wisdom as it is reflected to us by our circles.